in collaboration with the 2000HIV consortium

22-25 September, Ghent, Belgium



Brussels Airport (BRU) – Zaventem 

Taxi and Taxi services

The distance from Brussels airport to the HIV Cure Symposium in Ghent is around 66km.

Do not use unlicensed taxis. If you have not booked a taxi in advance, the official taxis will be waiting for you when you leave the arrivals hall. You can recognize an official taxi by the T- license plate and the blue-yellow symbol at the front of the taxi.

Are you travelling with more people, more luggage or can things get a bit more luxurious? Then book the taxi service that suits you. Or have you or your travel agent arranged airport transport? With these reserved shuttles, the driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall for the transfer home or to your destination. Your name will be displayed on their sign in the area after you have passed customs, unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of reservation.

Some partners of Brussels Airport are:

PartnersWebsite & E-mailPhone 
Autoluxwww.taxisautolux.beTél. : +32 (0)2 5 123 123 
Direct Waywww.directway.beTél. : +32 (0)2 772 00 00 
Modern Carwww.moderncar.comTél. : +32 (0)2 420 10 00 
Taxi Walter Zaventemwww.taxizaventem.beTél. : +32 (0)2 720 10 00 
Unitaxwww.unitax.beTél. : +32 (0)2 725 25 25

Train – Brussels Airport to Ghent Sint-Pieters station (1h)

  • Arrival at the heart of the airport
  • Up to 8 trains per hour from and to Brussels
  • Direct train service to Belgian cities 

Where is the train station?

You will find the train station directly under the Departure and Arrival Halls of the airport (level -1). The escalator or lift will take you directly to the platform (or into the airport).

Have you just arrived at the Brussels Airport station? Have your train ticket ready. You will need to scan it at the entrance gates to enter the airport.


The HIV Cure Symposium will take place in Ha Concerts, Kouter 29, Gent, Belgium

How to get there:

From Sint-Pietersstation – Ha Concerts:  2.3 km

From the trainstation you can take:

  • Tram 1 stop Korte Meer or Tram 2 stop Zonnestraat, both 15 min from station Gent-Sint-Pieters.