HIV LRA/LPA cellular screening platform

HIV LRA/LPA cellular screening platform 

A SupT1 cell luciferase reporter screening platform has been set-up allowing for the identification of LPA (latency promoting agent) or LRA (latency reactivating agent) activity if reporter activity is reduced or increased respectively. An LPA that reduces luciferase activity blocks HIV-1 gene expression (blocking activity). In a second format infected but silenced cells are treated with compound and additionally reactivated with TNFalpha to test the effect of the experimental drugs on reactivation. An LPA that reduces reactivation has locking activity. 

What will you obtain:

Quantitative data on LRA or LPA potency of compounds 

Quantitative data on blocking and locking activity of HIV transcription

Who can benefit it: 

The screening platform is suited to identify LPA/LRAs. Throughput allows prioritization of compounds and therefore the platform is amenable to both early and advanced drug discovery projects. Secondary assays for biological profiling are available at the Debyser lab.  

Unique selling points: 

  1. Identification of LPA and LRA potency 
  2. Full screening pipeline including biological profiling set-up 

Type of collaboration possible: 


Fee for service 


Research collaboration / bilateral contracts / O&O initiatives …  


Visiting researcher 


VLAIO Baekeland mandate 


Space for new IP co-development on novel LRA/LPA 



  1. Frauke Christ,, +32 490 651067,MAIN CONTACT POINT 
  1. Zeger Debyser,, +32 16 37 40 29 


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