High resolution imaging of HIV infection

High resolution imaging of HIV infection 

We provide a single virus imaging platform. Using eGFP-integrase labeled HIV virions, we can image single virus particles using fluorescence microscopy. MATLAB routines are in place for quantification of nuclear import. We recently expanded into live imaging allowing to track single virus particles over time in live cells. This platform allows mechanism of action studies of antivirals targeting early replication steps.  

Who can benefit it:

The unique imaging platform allows to study early steps of viral replication. In drug discovery it is instrumental to identify which steps of the viral replication cycle are targeted.  

Unique selling points: 

  1.  Versatile platform which can be tailored to specific questions and needs 
  2.  Adaptable to other viral pathogens 

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  1. Frauke Christ, frauke.christ@kuleuven.be, +32 490 651067,MAIN CONTACT POINT 
  1. Zeger Debyser, zeger.debyser@kuleuven.be, +32 16 37 40 29 
  1. https://gbiomed.kuleuven.be/english/research/50000715/50488973/molmed/Molecular-Virology-and-Drug-Discovery 


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