13-15 September
Ghent, Belgium


The HIV Cure Research Center Ghent is very pleased to invite you to the 7th HIV Reservoir Characterization Workshop that will be held in the beautiful city of Ghent, Flanders, Belgium on September 13-15, 2023.

The HIV Reservoir Characterization workshop is for researchers that are interested in low level RNA or DNA quantification by digital PCR and immune monitoring assays especially in the field of HIV research.

This workshop will provide you with a thorough understanding of HIV quantification tools including PCR-based and cell-based functional assays, which are of great importance in therapy monitoring for the development of HIV cure strategies. The participants will receive an intensive training on PCR, qPCR, digital and digital droplet PCR methods with a comprehensive overview of clinical use of these methods and clinical significance of various HIV markers. Novel aspects of HIV persistence such as clonal expansion and integration site will also be discussed and thorough overview of assays to monitor them will be presented. Given that the host’s immune system is an indispensable component of an effective cure strategy, in addition to virological assays, the workshop will present an overview of immunological assays that are commonly used to assess the potency of both the cellular and humoral immune system. The workshop will conclude with comprehensive hands-on sessions that will include statistical data analysis training sessions.

Location and Venue

The three day workshop will take place in the MRB 2 building at the University Hospital (UZ) Campus in Ghent, Belgium.

How to get there?

Tram 4 drives every 7,5 minutes between Gent-Sint-Pieters station and the heart of UZ Gent. The platform is located near the parking building.

Buses 5 and 8 drive every 15 minutes from the city center (South) and the Heuvelpoort to the edge of the campus, within walking distance of the clinic buildings.

Tram 2 and buses 47, 65 and 67 also have stops around the UZ campus.

Organizing Committee


                     Prof. Dr. Linos Vandekerckhove – Head of the HIV Cure Research Center – Ghent University Belgium


                      Prof. Dr. Sarah Gerlo – PI HIV Cure Research Center – Ghent University – Belgium


                      Prof. Zeger Debyser – Head of the Molecular Virology and Gene Therapy Unit – KU Leuven – Belgium


                      Prof. Carine Van Lint – Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Virology – University Of Brussels


                      Karen Vervisch – Lab Manager – Ghent University Hospital – Belgium 



Karen Vervisch
+32 (0) 9 332 94 25